1. We offer a 30-day "No Questions Asked" return window for the Foreclosure Secrets course. 

We may still ask why you were unsatisfied so we can improve products for present and future students, but only after we issue a full refund.

2. We offer up to 6-months money-back guarantee for the Fast Track program - make sure to review the product's return policy for return qualification:

Fast Track program (Returns allowed throughout the whole duration of the program* IF the student or the VA, has 100 conversations with the correct person (potential client) using the CRM and closes no deals in this period - we will refund the full amount) *It's important to have calls in the CRM so that we can verify (if needed) that you are qualified for the refund. 

*NOTE: Duration of the program can be 3 months, or 6 months. If you choose 6-months program you will have 6-months money-back guarantee. If you chose 3-months program, you will have 3-months money-back guarantee. The conditions are the same for both programs.

3. If qualified, email and submit the required information to process the request:

Fast Track Program (Your Name, Last Name, Purchase email - so that we can verify everything in CRM)

4. All refund requests past the return window mentioned above won't be accepted.

5. Frivolous Disputes

Before a dispute is entered by the User to the bank or card provider, the User agrees to contact the Foreclosure Academy team at least (1) time to request a refund.

A request of "perform xyz task OR give a refund" does not count as a request, because an ultimatum is given; Provider will always work with the User to come to an amicable solution and solve Users' issues or concerns.

If for any reason a chargeback or dispute is entered by User and dispute results are found to be in favor of Provider, User accepts that a charge of up to $250, but no less than $100, maybe incurred to compensate for the fraudulent chargeback and/or dispute; allowing Provider to recover lost fees [which are subtracted even when the dispute is settled in Provider's favor] and for the loss of time support uses in reviewing a frivolous dispute.

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